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Gutter Repairs

Guttering can show general wear and tear over time and this can create problems that lead to leaks, water overflow and blockages. Prior to cleaning any gutters, we use our inspection cameras to carry out a full survey of your guttering system. During this time we may find some damage to your guttering that may result in our recommendation to replace or fix a section of your gutter.

Common Gutter Repairs


Through years of wind and rain your gutters can produce cracks that will cause water to drip through the guttering. This can sometimes be temporarily repaired as a short term fix! However, we may recommend that the replacement of that particular piece of guttering may be the best long term solution.

Gutter Joins

Gutter joints will expand and contract throughout the year through varying temperatures. A well installed guttering system will allow for these movements, but the likes of snow, heavy rain and debris can still cause the gutter to weaken over time. It then maybe necessary to re-seal or fully replace the joints to avoid further leaks.


A well installed gutter will have a slight ‘fall’ to ensure that any water residing on the gutter will make its way towards the down pipe. Bad alignment will mean a build up water and will apply unnecessary pressure on the joints of the gutter. Over time this will undoubtedly cause leaks and further wear and tear.

The cost of any repairs will completely depend on the type of guttering you have installed on your property. The majority of houses will have plastic guttering systems but you may have concrete, aluminium or concrete guttering. Due to this it is very difficult for us to estimate the cost of any repairs. However, we will ensure that we talk to you first before we make any repairs. We can discuss the cost and will only proceed when you are happy for us to do so.

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