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Here at Clean My Gutter, we provide a professional, safe and friendly service. Futhermore, you can feel rest assured that while we work on your property we will do our upmost to ensure that we are respectful and perform our duties efficiently and responsibly. 

We have worked for many years within the public sector and you will find that our friendly nature will leave you happy not only with the work we carry out but also the way in which we communicate. In fact, we think the way in which we communicate with our customers is one of the most important aspects of what we do.

How it Works

When you contact us we will provide a quote of the cost of the work involved to clean your guttering. The cost is determined by the size of your property and the amount of guttering needed to be cleaned. We tend to use Google Maps to assist us as this gives us a good insight into the size and shape of your property. It allows us to see a birds eye view and also a side view of your property. Once we have the information we need we can then give you a quote. You can use our price guide to see the sort of cost involved to have your gutters cleaned. Please use these prices as a guide only.

Gutter Inspection 

If you are at home on our arrival we will inform you that we have arrived and then get to work straight away! After a risk assessment of the surrounding area of your property we will get our ladders up to your guttering! This gives us the perfect view of the condition of your gutters and any issues with debris or blockages. 

If in the event of not being able to see any parts of the guttering we will then turn to our inspection cameras. With a reach of up to 40 feet our cameras will wirelessly transmit images of your guttering to our monitors. From there we can either use our ladders to reach the hard to reach areas or use our high powered vacuums and special nozzles to remove the debris.

Before & After Photos

It’s important to us that you see the work we have done, otherwise you may never know whether we have cleaned your gutters or not! This is why our customers can request before and after photographs showing the condition of their guttering before we started work and then also how the guttering looks afterwards.

Simply ask us when we arrive to take the photos and we will send them to you via your preferred method.


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