Gutter Cleaning Service

Clean My Gutter is an outstanding gutter cleaning service using only the most affective methods to clear your gutters of debris and blockages. 

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It’s common for us to come across guttering systems that our ladders may struggle to reach! Or maybe we feel its not safe for us to use ladders within specific environments. In these cases we will turn to our Skyvac vacuums which have been purpose built for outdoor and robust cleaning work. With the use of a waterproof camera attached to the vacuums nozzle we are able to wirelessly transmit the images to a screen for us to view the debris within your gutters. We then use our high powered vacuum to remove the debris and any blockages. Our poles will reach up to 40 feet, so no matter the situation, we have the tools and experience to ensure the job is done!


The downpipes on your property play a very important part in keeping your house dry and free from any water related issues. The sole purpose of a downpipe is to collect the water form the guttering and dispose of it down into the drain located on the ground. However, if you have issues with debris building up on your roof or within your guttering then you could end up with a blocked downpipe!
Clearing a downpipe can be anything from a 5 second job to a full dismantling of the downpipe and removing the debris by hand. Whatever the type of blockage, if its not done fairly quickly the problem will simply get worse over time!

Our ladders will allow us to inspect any part of the downpipe to see how best to fix any issues. If of course any parts need replacing then we can do this for you too.


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